Accessorize Yourself

August 29, 2012

When most people hear the title of this blog they most likely think of clothes fashions.  I have something different in mind, as you can imagine. 

Clothes for many people are important.  They make them look good and feel good.  Clothes may highlight some of your physical attributes and bring them attention.  What I have in mind however is internal rather than external things.  What are the things that you can add to your life that would make you more appealing on the inside?  One of the things I feel will help us is a positive “can do spirit.”  You may not be a natural optimist but through your faith, through reading great books and growing in your personal development you can become an attractive person.

When was the last time you felt you were alive with passion for something you wanted to accomplish?  When did you last set challenging goals that excited you? These things create within us an infectious spirit that draw people to us! Because we are excited and they might want to help us with whatever it is we are doing.

Live large and accessorize yourself with new, exciting and creative ideas.

Jim Ellick